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Gainesville, FL - Two Hurt when Motorcycle Overturns on SR 331

Gainesville, FL (March 26, 2023) - Police and rescue officials were dispatched to the scene of a motorcycle accident in Gainesville on Friday, March 24th. The crash occurred on State Road 331.

According to reports, a motorcycle overturned while traveling on SR 331, ejecting both of its occupants. The driver, a 69-year-old male, suffered minor injuries in the accident, while his passenger, a 46-year-old female, was critically injured. Both occupants were rushed to a local hospital immediately after the accident. The Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating the crash to determine whether another vehicle may have been involved.

There is no further information available at this time.

Motorcycles can be fun and produce many thrills for riders. However, they can also be dangerous and deadly at the same time. According to statistics, motorcycles account for about 3% of all registered motor vehicles in Florida. However, they also account for about 20% of all reported traffic fatalities as well as a substantial portion of injuries. The dangers of riding a motorcycle are very real, and it only takes a split second for riders to have their lives negatively impacted in a serious manner.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the injured victims following this Gainesville motorcycle accident.

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