Client Review: Gift Basket

Kind, thoughtful words from our client with a bountiful gift basket too. Read More


Client Review: Thank you

You know it's going to be a great day when - a gorgeous & tasty gift basket is delivered to your office... Read More


Car Accident with Back Injury


Our client, a hospital maintenance worker, required surgery after a car accident left him with serious back injuries. At trial the jury awarded him almost $700,000 more than the defendant had offered before trial. Read More

Car and Auto Accident

Gilberto* was a hospital maintenance worker, employed by the same facility for almost 20 years. On his way home from work he was rear ended by the defendant. Read More

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect with Severe Bedsores


Secured an $850,000 settlement for a spouse when her elderly husband was neglected in a nursing home and developed stage 4 bedsores. Read More

The staff was so professional, courteous, patient and very informative. D. Garcia, client (10/2014)
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