F. & Y. Hernandez, Rubenstein Law client review, 5/2016

....Very professional, always prompt to answer any questions we may have had. Read More

F.  y. hernandez, client 5.2.2016

P. Aguilar, Rubenstein Law Client Review (5/2016)

Everything has been very professional....Thank you for representing my sister and me. Read More

P. aguilar  client - may 2016

What You Can Do and Can’t Do if Your Dog or Cat Gets Injured in a Car Accident

We all think about finding the right auto insurance coverage to protect us in case of an automobile accident, but have you ever thought about coverage for your dog or cat in case of an auto accident? Those who have pets understand how important it is to keep our pet(s) healthy and safe. For most of us, our pet(s) are family. They are your companion, laughter, and security. They are just priceless. But what can you do if your pet gets injured in a car accident? Read More

Pets are much loved members of our families1
Pets are much loved members of our families1

Uber and Lyft Rider Safety Tips

Uber and Lyft are growing increasingly popular due to the ease of arranging transportation from your phone. While Uber and Lyft drivers go through a background check, it is important to be safe when entrusting your life to a stranger. Read More

Lyft  uber rider safty guidelines 2016
Lyft  uber rider safty guidelines 2016

The staff was so professional, courteous, patient and very informative. D. Garcia, client (10/2014)
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