How Miami Slip & Fall Lawyers Won a $4.8 Million Verdict

When Juan Del Valle went to buy an onion at his local grocery store, he never imagined he would slip and fall, much less require metal plates, a battery and screws implanted in his neck and back “for the rest of life.” Juan and his wife hired Rubenstein Law to sue Winn Dixie Stores, Inc. for negligence. Attorneys Meranda Reifschneider and Raul E. Garcia secured the couple a $4.8 million jury verdict. Read More

How miami slip  fall lawyers won a 4.8 million verdict
How miami slip  fall lawyers won a 4.8 million verdict

Nasty Fall at Winn Dixie Leaves Man with Lifelong Injuries

$4.8 Million

After a nasty fall on a leaky produce case at Winn Dixie left our client with lifelong injuries attorneys, Meranda Reifschneider and Raul E. Garcia secured a $4.8 million jury verdict for our client. Read More

Fall at local St. Petersburg hotel causes serious low back and ankle injury.


A St. Petersburg hotel failed to maintain its premises causing client to fall and seriously injure his low back and ankle. Overcoming a history of back issues we secured a settlement of $650,000 for our client. Read More

Three Car Accident Leaves Client with Serious Neck Injury


Overcoming prior neck & back injuries we were able prove fault on the other 2 drivers and secure the max settlement of $550K for our client. Read More

Walmart ordered by a jury to pay nearly $1 million


John tripped on a rug at Walmart that was covering water from a leaking freezer. He suffered a knee injury & herniated disc in his lower back that required surgery. The jury found Walmart liable & awarded him $905,049. Read More

Rubenstein Law Wins Big Case Against Wal-Mart

John Mollica fell on a rug placed over leaking water at a Miramar Wal-Mart store. Attorneys Raul Garcia and Jordan Kirby of Rubenstein Law proved Wal-Mart was liable for John's fall near the leaking freezer winning an almost million dollar verdict for Mr. Mollica. Read More

Slip and Fall at Golden Corral Responsible For Serious Spine Injury

$1 Million

Our client, a 46-year-old woman suffered serious spinal injuries after a slip and fall incident at Golden Corral. Read More

Slip & Fall at BJ’s Wholesale Club Requires Multiple Spinal Surgeries

$1.026 Million

On Christmas Eve, our client slipped & fell on water from a leaky refrigerator at BJ’s Wholesale. Over the next few years, she required surgeries on her neck & back. At trial, the jury returned a verdict of $1,026,618. Read More

Accident with Commercial Truck Leads to Serious Spinal Injuries

$1.625 Million

On their way to a charity event our clients were hit by a truck causing serious spinal injuries to both people. While there was limited damage to their car, we were able to prove causation & secure a generous settlement. Read More

Motorcycle Accident with Traumatic Brain Injury

$1 Million

Our client was riding his motorcycle in South Florida, when he was struck by a car that was changing lanes. He suffered multiple injuries including TBI. The case settled in pre-suit negotiations for $1 million. Read More

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