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10 Important Tips if You’ve Been Injured in Florida

1. Get An Attorney. When you or a loved one have been injured by another’s negligence, an experienced attorney can make a huge difference. The right attorney will find all the insurance, make sure your injuries are documented, and work to get you the best result. While each case is different, a well-known insurance company’s own study showed people with a lawyer on average got more money!

2. Beware of Strangers. If you’ve been in an accident and a stranger contacts you to get your case, watch out. They’re breaking the law. These crooks knock on your door, send you text messages, and even go into your hospital room uninvited. They work for shady clinics and lawyers who want the insurance proceeds for themselves. Don’t hire them, report them to the Florida Bar.

3. Insurance Companies are not Your Friends. They are not your good neighbors and you are definitely not in good hands. They are all in business for themselves. Insurance companies fight every day to not pay claims. They don’t want you to get a lawyer, but they have lawyers. So what should you do? Hire someone who is really on your side. 

4. Referral Services are not Lawyers. Referral services make money by directing your case to a lawyer and a clinic. Often the clinics are owned by related companies. Are they picking the best attorneys or the ones who pay to join? You don’t know these people, so why are you putting your case in their hands? Pick a lawyer by reputation and results.

5. Do Not Ignore Your Injuries. Right after an accident, most people don’t realize how bad their injuries are. Injuries can get worse over time. Early medical treatment is crucial. Beware of clinics that treat only your neck and back. What about your knees, shoulders, head, and other injuries? Come see us at Rubenstein Law. We’ll talk about all your injuries and get you the compensation you deserve. For more of these rules go to

6.  Only Settle When it’s the Right Decision. We try cases all the time, but the truth is, most cases settle. With our lawyers on your side, the insurance company knows if they don’t make a fair offer, we will see them in court. Our experience will assist you in deciding whether to accept an offer or go to trial. And our advice will help you make the right decision.

7. Understand Attorney’s Fees. You’ve probably heard “no fee guarantee” or “you only pay if you win”. This isn’t some kind of special offer, most injury attorneys are paid this way. We get paid this way. There are limits on what percentage attorneys can charge. Our firm charges you nothing, not even costs unless you get money.

8. Demand the Best Service. You’re entitled to it. Rubenstein Law cares about you. Our team is dedicated to providing the best legal experience during this difficult period. Cases take time to get you the result you deserve, but we work diligently on those cases, keep in touch with you, and return your phone calls as quickly as possible.

9. Head Injuries are Serious. You can get a brain injury from whiplash without even hitting your head. Sometimes symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can be subtle. Watch out for changes in personality or behavior. Your family may notice it first. At Rubenstein Law we make sure all your injuries are addressed, especially head injuries.

10. You Have a Right to Safety. Many businesses have a duty to keep their properties safe from violence. This applies to apartments, shopping centers, and other businesses. They may have to provide appropriate lighting, secure windows, gates, as well as on-site security. At Rubenstein Law, we offer a free evaluation of your case if you or a loved one have been assaulted.


Rubenstein Law handles personal injury cases throughout the state of Florida. Our skilled injury attorneys are committed to providing the best representation for our clients and their families. If you are hurt and suffering due tosomeone else’s negligence contact the personal injury lawyers at Rubenstein Law. Put our experience to work for you. Call us today for a free consultation at 1-800-FL-LEGAL.