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Florida Bicycle Accidents Among Highest in Nation

This Presidents Day weekend has been a rough one for the family of 36-year-old, Aaron Cohen. An avid cyclist, Cohen was struck and killed in a hit-and-run accident on the Rickenbacker Causeway Wednesday. Crash investigators used debris from the crash site to piece together what happened and ultimately traced the vehicle back to Michele Traverso of Key Biscayne. On Friday, Traverso was jailed after breaking probation on a previous criminal case. He was charged with possession of cocaine last May and had been previously charged with possession of marijuana back in 2009, according to public records. More charges are pending in the death of Cohen, a father of two. Florida bike accident lawsuits are high because Florida has one of the worst bicycle crash rates in the country, especially regarding fatalities, according to the Florida Bicycle Association. Because there is no protection for the cyclist, aside from a helmet, the rate of serious injury or death is very high. Though bicycle lanes have been implemented in most areas, statistics indicate that these lanes interfere with the normal flow of traffic and can actually put bicyclists in more danger rather than giving them a safe lane to ride in. In the case of Aaron Cohen’s bike accident, witnesses say he was riding in a designated bike lane on the Rickenbacker Causeway when he was stuck. The result was a fatal traumatic brain injury that is often the case in these types of bicycle/auto accidents. There are exclusive concerns which must be addressed when handling a bicycle accident claim, such as issues involving the design of the road as well as the measures taken to protect against personal injury. The Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein, P.A. have handled hundreds of claims relating to bike accidents in and around the Miami, Florida area and have a team of professionals equipped with the necessary tools to insure that your claim will get sound attention. Contact our Miami, Florida personal injury attorneys and our Broward County personal injury attorneys today for a free case evaluation. 1-800-FL-Legal (355-3425).