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Florida Drivers 4th-Worst in the Nation

If this isn’t reason to have the proper auto insurance, I don’t know what is. A recent report by Carle Insurance Comparison ranks Florida drivers the worst behind only Louisiana, Missouri and Texas. The data were compiled from three sources: The National Transportation Safety Administration (driving fatalities), The American Motorists Association (which hands out the most tickets), and MADD (drunk drivers). The results…the farther south you go, the worse the drivers. The ranking itself may shed some light on why Florida ranks so poorly. Florida is the state with the most traffic tickets. Faster speeds lead to more crashes. So, just how does the nation stack up? Here’s what the study found: The Top 10 Worst Drivers (by state) #10) South Carolina South Carolinians were ranked as careful drivers, but got a low ranking for “failing to obey road signs.” #9) Alabama #8) Montana Montana drivers don’t get very many traffic tickets, but scored terribly for fatalities and drunk driving. #7) Kentucky #6) Arizona #5) Oklahoma #4) Florida Some good news, Florida scored well on the drunk driving ranking (being much lower than other states), but it dominates the country in traffic tickets and speeding. #3) Texas #2) Missouri #1) Louisiana So, how do you know if you’re properly insured? The Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein handles every kind of car and truck accident and our legal team can answer your accident or auto insurance questions for free. Miami - (305) 661-6000. Broward (954) 661-600. 1-800-FL-Legal (800) 355-3425.