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Florida Driving Dangers During the Holidays

South Florida is paradise this time of year, but very shortly, thousands of drivers will hit the road and head north for the holidays.

It’s great to see friends and family for Christmas, but getting there can be far more dangerous than it seems. I hope you’ll steer clear of these top driving dangers and avoid a car accident during the busy holiday season:

Drunk Drivers

Over the winter holidays, you’re three times more likely to die in alcohol-related vehicle crashes than during comparable time periods the rest of the year, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. About 40% of traffic fatalities during winter holidays involve an impaired driver, compared with 28% for other deaths in December. You may know this already, but did you know drinking alcohol can affect the brain for hours even influencing a person’s driving the next morning? Caffeine does not help rid the body of drunkenness. If you choose to drink, don’t have more than one drink per hour. Try to alternate with non-alcoholic drinks. Choose a designated driver.

Dangerous Roads

Here in Sunshine State, the worst road condition we have to deal with is rain. In many parts of the country, snow and ice covered roads are the norm during the holidays. Ice can cause your car to spin out and collide with other cars. Check the weather forecast frequently before heading into bad weather. Avoid unpaved roads when possible. Avoid night driving because ice is hard to see in the dark. Plan alternate routes in case a road is blocked. Have your car inspected prior to your trip. Keep your insurance card and registration handy in the event of an accident.

Tired and Distracted Drivers

Tired drivers can be more dangerous than drunk drivers behind the wheel. Take frequent breaks when driving and switch drivers if you start to feel fatigued. Avoid driving during night hours when tired drivers are most likely to be on the road. When driving, use a hands free device if you must make and receive calls. If you must send and read text messages, pull to the side of the road to avoid distracted driving.

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Have a healthy, happy and safe Holiday Season!