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Florida Wage & Hour - Know Your Rights!

Florida has no state agency that enforces wage and hour laws, so it’s easy to see how some employers can take advantage of workers’ rights when it comes to payday. At the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein, we fight for employees who may not be getting the right compensation for their work. What are Wage & Hour Laws? Wage and hour laws come from the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and they set the standard for pay and time worked. This includes issues such as minimum wage, tips overtime, meals and rest breaks, time worked, payment schedule, etc. Most states, including Florida, have their own wage and hour laws, but as mentioned, Florida has no state-mandated agency to enforce the laws. Therefore, employees being taken advantage of have two options: File a complaint with the state, or hire an experienced overtime attorney to fight for you. Generally speaking, most employees (regardless of whether they are paid hourly or are salaried) must be paid for all the time spent working for their employers. This includes work done before clocking in and after clocking out. If any of the following apply to you, you might have a claim for unpaid wages against your employer: - You are asked or told to “work off the clock” - Your time sheet is changed to show no overtime, even though you worked overtime - You are denied overtime because it was not approved in advance - You are paid your same hourly wage, even for overtime hours worked - You are told to put your hours down on the following week, or you are granted comp time for your hours - You are automatically clocked out for breaks or lunch, even if you don’t take them - You are paid less than minimum wage ($7.31/hr in Florida; $4.29/hr for tipped employees) - You are forced to pool your tips with non-tipped employees If you or someone you know has not been paid overtime or if you suspect you’re not being paid correctly, contact the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein for a free consultation. Our experienced overtime attorneys in Miami-Dade and Broward counties can help. 1-800-FL-Legal.