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Florida Woman Survives I-95 Crash But Dies While Stranded Roadside

A Florida truck accident has claimed the life of Lauderhill woman. The 29-year-old died Tuesday morning while standing on the side of I-95, reporting her one-car crash to 911 dispatchers. The driver was northbound on I-95 near Brunswick when she hit a guardrail and bounced back into traffic. Police are not sure yet what caused her car accident, but while on the phone with emergency dispatch, truck diver, Carlos Borges Sores of Miami, struck and killed the woman. The 911 dispatcher heard the impact through the phone. The truck driver was not charged. Police have not released the woman’s identity yet, but the dispatcher told investigators the woman’s car had no working lights after her initial 3am accident. Being out of your car on a highway is one of the most dangerous things drivers can do, but it is sometime necessary. If your car breaks down or is involved in an accident, the first thing you should do, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, is make yourself as visible as possible. Here are some roadside safety tips: • Pull as far away from the roadway as possible while staying on the paved road. • If you are dealing with a flat or blown out tire, try to pull over into a flat area so that you can safely jack up the car. • Turn your wheel away from the roadway so that it doesn’t accidentally roll into the oncoming traffic. • Turn on your emergency hazard lights (especially at night) • If you are traveling with children and/or pets, move them to a safe location away from the car. If this isn’t possible, make sure they are properly secured inside the car. • Exit and enter the car using the door opposite the roadway to stay as far from moving traffic as possible. • Use cones, reflective triangles, or flares to give you as much space as possible. At the minimum you should have 3 of these. Place the first flare at least 50 feet directly behind the car. Place the second flare midway between the first flare and your car, but a few feet further toward the open lane, place the last flare toward the end of your car and a few feet into the roadway so you can divert traffic away from your car. Even the most responsible drivers sometimes find themselves in dangerous roadside situations. If you need expert advice from a Florida car & truck accident attorneycontact our legal team at 1-800-FL-Legal (355-3425) for a free consultation. We have offices in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.