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New Overtime Pay Lawsuits Filed This Week

Working overtime and not getting paid for it…that is just one of several allegations in a slew of lawsuits being filed around the country by employees of major chain stores. Pep Boys, Wal-Mart, even are all the target of federal lawsuits filed by their employees who claim they were not paid for work done over 40 hours. According to the US Census Bureau, one-third of American workers clock more than 40 hours per week, but they are not all being compensated. Now, they’ve had enough and are turning to experienced wage & hour attorneys to fight back. According to an ABC news report, ten current and former Pep Boys employees in three states are accusing the auto parts chain of altering their time cards to avoid paying overtime wages. Wal-Mart is facing dozens of state and federal lawsuits for, according to employees, pressuring workers to work off-the-clock, which is illegal. The Fair Labor Standards Act says overtime work requires pay of one-and-a-half times regular wages. As more workers become aware of their rights, we’ll likely see more overtime pay lawsuits. Already, Starbucks, for example, paid a group of California store managers $18 million to settle an overtime lawsuit. How do you know if your rights are being ignored by your employer? Here’s what to look for: Told To Arrive Early To Work before you actually punch in? Are you told you have to work after you punch out? If you answered yes, then you are probably entitled to compensation. Does Your Pay Stub Reflect Fewer Hours than you actually work? Does Your Employer Deduct Time for Lunch Breaks even when you do not take lunch breaks? Even If You are paid in cash you may have a case. Even If Your boss has given you a title such as manager or supervisor and are paid a weekly salary and you work over 40 hours per week you may have a case. If you think you have a claim, speak to our labor and employment law department staffed by a Florida Labor attorney and Employment Lawyers in order to get answers to your employment law questions. Our experienced legal team knows Florida overtime law and can help you get the pay you deserve. Our consultation is completely free. Contact us in Miami-Dade or Broward at 1-800-FL-Legal (355-3425) or go to We can help you navigate employment law and fight for your hard-earned money!