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Picking the Right Day Care is So Important

Written By Oilda ‘Susie’ Rodriguez, Rubenstein Law Paralegal

Children are in the early stages of learning risks and consequences as they develop their motor skills, which puts them at high risk of harm due to injury.

Unintentional injury is the number one killer of children ages 1 to 14 in the U.S., according to Safe Kids USA, the U.S. arm of a global organization dedicated to preventing childhood injury.

Before you register your child in daycare don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Your child may be spending 8-10 hours a day in the care of someone else, you want to be sure they deserve and can handle this responsibility.

In February, Law Newz reported that a Florida daycare director is facing criminal charges after she allegedly hit a 4-year-old boy with stuffed animals, and then dropped him at least 2 feet off the ground. It was all caught on a cell phone camera, according to police.

“It looks like the child was laying on a children’s mat, like for naptime, and she walked over and was striking him several times with stuffed animals. At one point, in the video, you see her actually pick the child up and drop him from about two to three feet off the ground,” a Clermont, Florida Officer Erin Razo told Fox 13 in Tampa Bay. The video was apparently taken by another daycare worker who was concerned about what was going on. The witness told police this had been going on for several weeks.

According to court records, Kimberly Reid, the day care director, has been in trouble with the law before. She previously pleaded guilty to grand theft, welfare fraud, and organized crime in Orange County. Reid is now facing child abuse charges.

This story is disturbing and scary, but sadly this isn’t the first or last time we’ll hear about abuse and neglect in child care facilities. Often the best recommendations come via word of mouth. Ask your friends, family or co-workers when looking for quality daycare. Even with a referral from someone you know, it is important to still do your research for that particular center and staff. Our children are a precious gift and are often unable to defend themselves--we must do our best for them!