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Sinking Car Survival

A Miami-Dade man is recovering and lucky to be alive after his car plunged into Biscayne Bay this weekend. According to witnesses, the car drove into the water near Northeast 106th Street and Biscayne Bay. Five men jumped into the water and were able to pull the unconscious 81-year-old man through the driver’s side window. The driver is expected to recover and he’s very fortunate. Every year more than 10,000 drivers are involved in water immersion auto accidents. Of those, several hundred become trapped in their cars under water and die. There are life-saving tips all Florida drivers should know thanks to our many bodies of water here in the Sunshine State. Once your car has entered water it usually takes between two and ten minutes for it to sink, depending on the speed of the car at the time of impact. If you remain calm and follow these steps, you have a good chance of getting to safety: 1. Stay calm. Take a deep breath then take charge of the situation. 2. Open the window(s). Tell all passengers to do the same or open theirs from your console. If your car is in a swift moving current open the window(s) on the side opposite the water flow direction. This will minimize water rushing in and it will be easier to exit. In strong currents exiting through a sun roof may be your best option. 3. Unfasten your seatbelt. If possible keep one hand on the open window ledge as a point of reference. As the car begins to sink it may roll over and this will help keep you oriented. 4. Exit through the window(s). If there are children or others less able in the car, if possible help them out and then exit immediately. 5. Swim to safety. If you are under water and not sure which direction to swim, allow a few air bubbles to escape your mouth and follow them toward the surface. The Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein has more than 25 years experience handling all kinds of car and truck accidents. For expert help or answers to your accident questions, contact our legal team or call 1-800-FL-Legal (800) 355-3425.