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Slip & Fall Accidents Deter Restaurant Goers

Florida slip & fall accidents actually have an impact on the economy. This is according to a new survey by a national service professionals company (Cintas Corp). How? Every time a slip & fall accident happens on a restaurant’s property, the result is fewer customers patronizing that restaurant. The survey was conducted to help restaurant owners better understand the implications of a slip and fall accident, by identifying how customers react to such accidents. The survey found that nearly one in three adults—or 60 million Americans—would be unlikely to dine at a restaurant at which they knew someone had recently experienced a slip and fall accident. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFST), more than 3 million food service employees and more than 1 million restaurant customers are injured as a result of restaurant slips and falls. The good news is the NFST is working to change that by helping restaurant owners implement safe floor programs. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of slip and fall accidents with a program to protect, maintain and deep clean floor surfaces, for example. A slip and fall accident is terrible, no matter where it happens. If you’ve been injured in a restaurant or any other public place, you need an experienced slip and fall lawyer to handle your case. The consultation with our legal team is completely free. Contact the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein at or call 1-800-FL-Legal (355-3425). We can help you get paid for your hard-earned work.