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Summer Cruising Season Underway: Ship & Boating Accidents Also Underway

Florida summers are hot and there’s nothing quite as cool as heading out onto the water for some fresh sea air. But accidents can happen off land just as they do on land. According to, an independent, Florida-based website developed by avid cruisers for cruise enthusiasts, there have already been eight cruise ship accidents since January of this year. If your cruise vacation doesn’t quite go as planned and you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being in a boating or cruising accident, you’ll need an experienced boating accident lawyer. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about boating/cruising accidents: What is a boating accident case? A boating accident case centers on injuries or accidents involving a boat or ship. This could include slips or falls, injury from fire due to mechanical failure or negligence, or even injury due to negligent grounding, as was the case with the Concordia ship in Italy earlier this year. Ship or boating accidents might also involve injuries sustained as the result of a cruise ship’s staff. On a smaller scale, boating accidents involve the reckless driving of a powerboat or other aquatic vehicle, such as a personal watercraft. A Miami, Florida boating accident attorney from The Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein can assist you with your case. What do I do after a ship or boating accident? If you are involved in a ship or boating accident and the monetary damage to the vessel appears to be $500 or more, you are required to report the accident to the police or to coastal authorities. After reporting the accident, it is advisable that you speak with a Miami, Florida boating accident attorney at our firm to learn about your legal entitlements. Will my boating accident case go to trial? The Miami, Florida boating accident attorney assigned to you will strive to achieve the best possible results for your particular case. If it is possible to achieve better results in a settlement, our legal team will work toward a settlement. If better results can be achieved by taking your boating accident case to trial, the attorney handling your case will fight diligently for your legal entitlements. If you have been injured in an aquatic vehicle, a Miami, Florida boating accident attorney at the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein can assist you. Speak with the legal team at our firm today by calling 1-800-fL-Legal (355-3425) or go to We have lawyers in Miami-Dade, Plantation and West Palm Beach ready to assist you.