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Wage Earners Get High-tech Help from Dept. of Labor

Florida Wage & Hour Laws are pretty clear-cut and are designed to protect the rights of workers. But, as we’ve learned in recent weeks, companies don’t always treat their employees fairly and within the law. Now, the US Department of Labor (DOL) is offering a high-tech tool to help workers keep track of their hours and even their paycheck.

DOL’s new mobile apps are designed for employees to independently track the hours they work and determine the wages they are owed. This type of tool is designed to help employees who may not be getting paid the wages they’ve earned. With the app, they can talk to their employer about the disparity in pay. If that doesn’t work, they can seek help from an experienced Wage & Hour lawyer.

The app is completely free and is also offered in Spanish: Una aplicación que permite a los empleados capturar independientemente las horas trabajadas y determinar el pago que deben recibir.

You may like your job and your employer, but if you’re not getting paid what you deserve, you need an attorney with years of experience in Wage & Hour law to fight for your rights and your pay. At the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein, we can answer your questions in a free consultation. Contact our Miami-Dade or Broward offices at 1-800-FL-Legal (355-3425) or go to