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Who should pay? 3 shots fired, 2 struck & 1 dead toddler in less than 2 years.

Who should pay?

3 Shots Fired, 2 Struck & 1 Dead Toddler in Less Than 2 Years, by Chris Gaj, Attorney, Negligent Security Team 

Witnesses stated that the shot that rang on the evening of December 15, 2017, was loud and horrifying. Bystanders in this apartment complex in S. Florida froze in their steps while others hit the floor, trying to find cover and safety right outside their homes. December 15, Friday in the middle of a holiday season supposed to be filled with happiness and lights, left a family without their two-year-old boy. Carnell Williams-Thomas passed away that night after being struck by a stray bullet while playing with his new scooter in front of his home. This was the third time a family member or close family friend had been shot or shot at in almost the exact same spot during the past 19 months.

Almost always after these shootings, there is a criminal case conducted by the detectives of the local police department and a criminal case that is pursued by the Florida State Attorneys. What is important to know in these cases is that the surviving family or the individuals injured as a result of these types of shootings may bring a case against the owners or managers of these apartment complexes. With the help of Rubenstein Law, we can show that the apartment complex provided negligent or inadequate security which ultimately lead to the serious injury or death of a loved one.

In these types of cases, it is important that you do the following to help preserve this case:

  • HIRE US IMMEDIATELY: It is very important that you consult with an experienced law firm, like Rubenstein Law as soon as possible. Having a lawyer so early in the case will help preserve key pieces of evidence like video surveillance or eyewitness testimony.
  • OBSERVE AND PRESERVE: Keep any and all pictures of the scene of the robbery or shooting safe and provide them to the attorney. Pictures that show the lighting in the area and unlocked or broken security gates or doors are particularly helpful. Remember and write down the names and contact information of anyone that you feel may know something about this incident. If you are approached by strangers direct them to your lawyer to ensure that the communications you have with them is proper. Sometimes these communications, no matter how innocent they seem to be, can be detrimental to this case.

At Rubenstein Law, we wish to help honor and protect the rights of the injured victim.  If you or anyone you know has been involved in a shooting at an apartment complex, shopping center, or even a parking lot, please call us at 1-800-FL-LEGAL for a free consultation.