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17+ Things We Love About Florida


Written by B. Morales for Rubenstein Law

You might hear Florida in the news for something outlandish and bizarre: "Florida Man (Fill in the Blank)." Visitors often depict the state as having the worst drivers. But there's a lot to love about the Sunshine State. We love Florida so much, we have several offices throughout the state!

Wherever you are in Florida, you’ll never be more than 60 miles away from the ocean. There’s no excuse to not get a good vitamin D fix when there are 1,300 miles of coastline. 

We also have over 700 springs, and 12,000 miles' worth of rivers, streams and waterways. Plenty lot of opportunity for watersports!

Florida is the only place on earth where alligators and crocodiles co-exist in the same habitat. It’s as if they understood that all are welcome in this place.

All the best theme parks are here. Disney World, Harry Potter World, Busch Gardens, Islands of Adventure ... need we say more?

You think Florida has no mountains? Think again: we have Sugarloaf Mountain. And no, it’s not a garbage hill. It’s  a ridge with dome-like peaks rising to 312 feet above sea level. Florida’s highest point, however, is in Britton Hill at 345 ft above sea level. OK, it’s not that high, but it’s something

Great college football and epic rivalries. School spirit abounds.

Brevard County uses area code 321 because of the 3-2-1 countdown sequence at Kennedy Space Center. That's another thing: Florida has played an important role in space travel. You're welcome, America.

Florida is Spanish for "flowering." The state was a colony of Spain when Juan Ponce de Leon named the settlement Pascua Florida on April 2nd, 1513. 

Miami Beach once had an ATM tailored to rollerbladers in the 90s. It even had a hot pink ramp.

Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard is the world’s longest continual sidewalk.

Florida has 7,800 lakes larger than 10 acres. Lake Okeechobee is the second largest freshwater lake in the country.

In terms of area, Jacksonville is the largest city in America.

It's not just about Florida oranges—the state produces more watermelons than any other in the country. And tomatoes and strawberries and sugar. We’ve got all you need for a fun salad.

Florida has more toll roads and bridges than any other state in the nation.

Greater Miami is the only metropolitan area in the country that borders with two national parks.

The world’s largest occupied wooden structure is in Tampa. The Belleview Biltmore Resort and Spa is 820,000 square feet. That’s a lot of pine (yes, we don't just have palm trees in Florida!). 

Things invented in Florida: sun block, Gatorade, & the refrigerator. Again, you’re welcome everyone.

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