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25 Ideas to Celebrate the Season

Ideas to celebrate

It's the most wonderful time of the year. We deck the halls, gather with our loved ones, and create memories. The staff throughout all the Rubenstein Law offices have shared some of their favorite holiday traditions:

  1. Playing holiday games on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve).
  2. On December 7, we celebrate a Colombian tradition called El Dia de las Velitas (Day of Candles).
  3. Making an ornament each year.
  4. Christmas morning breakfast with the whole family.
  5. Serving breakfast at the shelter Christmas morning.
  6. Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

7. Make a cake for Baby Jesus on Christmas Day.
8. Lighting the Menorah.
9. Create a Winter Wonderland in the backyard.
10. Going to see the light shows.
11. Organizing Parrandas (Puerto Rican caroling).
12. Putting baking soda or baby powder on boots to simulate Santa's footprints.
13. “Bringing out all the kids’ gifts from Santa, and have them come out of their rooms to see their gifts in their own sections,” –Tim Vannatta
14. "We celebrate Kwanzaa." --Darryl Rouson
15. Having a Christmas Pajama Breakfast Party.
16. In Mexico, we celebrated Las Posadas. Each night, for 9 days, a different family on the block would host a small party. On Christmas Eve, it was a big party with the traditional 7-point piñata. All of the celebrations are symbolic and full of meaning. We try our best to keep these traditions going here.
17. Wearing ugly sweaters.
18. "As a Polish tradition, we share a Christmas wafer before dinner, and everyone offers one another best wishes for the coming year." --Chris Gaj
19. Attending Christmas Eve concerts or orchestras.
20. As a kid, we always opened gifts at midnight; Now as an adult we wait until Christmas day.
21. Putting baby Jesus out on the Nativity at midnight on Christmas Eve to symbolize his birth.
22. Eating panettone and hot chocolate.
23. Celebrating the 21st of December: the day that the Christmas Spirit comes down to earth to take your wish list
24. Making Christmas movie themed cakes.
25. Drinking hot chocolate while we decorate the tree.