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Brownsville Middle School’s Law Academy Guest Speaker Series

Brownsville Middle School’s

Attorney DeWayne Terry participated in Brownsville Middle School’s Law Academy guest speaker series on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. The series allows attorneys to volunteer their time, to talk about their journey and assist the teacher with a lesson. Terry was the very first personal injury attorney at the school. “Many students believe that lawyers simply defend the ‘bad guy’ but there is so much more to this career field that they can learn. My hope is that once they see the multitude of ways they can help others they will be inspired to pursue a career in law,” says law school teacher Karla Vallecillo. The collaboration between the Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel Charitable Fund, and other partners, supports the mission of the HM&B Brownsville Law Academy. Their mission is to foster a culture of achievement and excellence through academic growth centered around a legal studies curriculum and existential learning experiences in a 21st-century mock trial courtroom. Students were completely in tuned with Terry’s lesson on Constitutional Law. While they role-played and interacted with the subject matter and attorney DeWayne Terry brought his high energy and passion for the law and kids bringing real life experiences, high fives, laughter and maybe a bit of encouragement in the form of candy for the students. It was a great day for everyone.