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Cheers! These are our favorite holiday beverages—plus a recipe!


Written by Blanca Morales for Rubenstein Law

There are quite a few iconic holiday drinks to enjoy this time of year. Many of them are so similar, they might have inspired one another along the way.

In the U.S., eggnog took off as the drink of choice, going back to the time of our Founding Fathers (who brought the idea over from Europe). However, other countries have their own holiday nog: in Venezuela they call it ponche crema, and in Central America it's rompope. The Caribbean has its own flair, introducing coconut into their Haitian kremas or Puerto Rican coquito. Coquito took the prize as the most sought after holiday beverage in our firm. Other favorites: anisette, hot apple cider, ponche navideño, mulled wine and a variety of holiday-inspired cocktails.

When the weather gets "chilly" in Miami (we're talking 70 degrees), Spanish hot chocolate—with churros, of course—is a crowd favorite. Unlike the instant, powder variety, Spanish hot chocolate is richer and thicker. While many Latin venues offer a version of this drink, here's a recipe for those who prefer to have a night in for a Hallmark movie marathon. And for anyone with an aversion to stoves—the microwave version is so easy, you can even make it in the office (one of us already does)!