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Rubenstein Law is excited to support The Dori Slosberg Foundation

The Dori Slosberg Foundation

We are excited to support The Dori Slosberg Foundation and their mission to promote safe driving habits. 

The Dori Slosberg Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit 501c3, public service organization dedicated to traffic and road safety. The foundation is named in memory of Dori Slosberg, the daughter of former State Representative Irving “Irv” Slosberg, whose life tragically ended when the car she was in crashed. Dori and four other girls were killed in the crash. Maribel Farinas was left a quadriplegic, and Emily Slosberg, Dori’s twin sister survived with serious injuries.

The Dori Slosberg Foundation’s Mission Statement is:

  • Educate Teen Drivers about the importance of Traffic & Road Safety.
  • Promote the usage of Safe Driving Habits with a focus on Teen Driver seat-belt compliance and curtailing distracted & impaired driving.
  • Support and advance the Teen Driver’s Education programs.
  • Assist the Florida Department of Transportation to ensure a safe driving environment on our roadways.
  • Partner with communities, schools & businesses to reduce distracted and impaired driving.

They offer many programs throughout the year, in-person and virtually including:

  • Dori Driving Clubs
  • School Assemblies and Crash Reenactments
  • Florida Drivers Education Teachers Conference
  • Bus Driver Road Safety Training Event
  • A Day At The Capitol And Florida Road Safety Week
  • Collegiate Traffic Safety Fairs & Press Conferences
  • "In The Click" Seatbelt Compliance Contest
  • DUI Zero Tolerance Luncheon
  • Zero Distracted Drivers Movement
  • Spread The Word Campaign