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Toys and Joy at the 3rd Annual Sugar4Kids Drive


Written by B. Morales for Rubenstein Law

The holidays are a particularly challenging time for parents struggling to make ends meet. When their kids look to them to confirm their hope in Santa—the pressure is on.

But many of the homes in the West Perrine area don’t have chimneys. In fact, other comforts like electricity and A/C are also scarce. So what’s a parent to do when the holidays roll around?

A beacon of light came in the form of flyers throughout the area's schools, parks and 7-Elevens.

Sugar4Kids, a charitable foundation founded in 2016, distributed the flyers inviting kids to see Santa.

When the children and their families arrived to West Perrine Park, the Rubenstein Law team and a band of bikers greeted them. Sugar4Kids founder Mary Faison invited fellow bikers to pitch in, with the help of Peterson’s Harley-Davidson of Miami.

“The motorcycle world is very family oriented and charity-minded,” said co-owner Linda Peterson. “The biking community is always looking to do good. And toy drives bring joy. It’s the least one can do to bring a smile to a child.”

Along with toys and backpacks for the kids, their goal this year was also to provide laptops to high school seniors “to give them a head start when they go to college,” Linda said. “A mere laptop can change their life.”

Support came in full force from the local community--including District 9's commissioner Dennis Moss. Individuals not only brought toys but also contributed funds for bicycles and laptops. Rubenstein Law was happy to be a sponsor of the toy drive, and see the delighted smiles of the 500+ children who came.

“It was great to have DeWayne and the team there and seeing his kids take part,” said Linda after the event. “I don’t think this would have been possible without Rubenstein Law’s support. We’re so grateful.”