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When You Need a Knaus Berry Farm Cinnamon Roll—Make Sure You Arrive Safely

Cinnamon Roll

Written by B. Morales for Rubenstein Law 

It's that wonderful time of the year again. Many of us mark it on our calendars and eagerly await it as if it were a holiday:  Knaus Berry Farm is open for the season.

The berry farm, located off-the-beaten-path in South Florida, has been serving strawberry milkshakes and their famous cinnamon rolls for decades—perhaps  you may have heard many a hipster say, “I went before it was popular.” Its popularity has grown to such an extent that wait times could last hours.
For most people, the long lines are well worth the wait. It’s even well worth the hike, being nearly 30 miles south of Miami. Now that Krome Avenue (S.R. 997) began additional road work in October 2018--lasting until July 2021--here are a few things to keep in mind for safe driving in South Florida’s agricultural area.

1. Be an Early Bird—Leave Early, Arrive Early

Stressed or careless driving is often the result of running late. Avoid the need to rush by considering traffic patterns and possible delays. Keep in mind that many roads are only two lanes.


2. Be Mindful—Keep an Eye Out For Others

There will be pedestrians on foot or bicycles sharing the road with you, along with tractors and horseback riders. Be mindful of their presence and drive carefully at all times.


3. Give Trucks Plenty of Room—Avoid Their Blind Spots and “No Zones”

Trucks have slower reaction times and greater capacity for accident damage. Resist the temptation to “cut them off” by not passing them or merging into their lane too closely.


4. Go with the Flow—Drive at Speed Limit & Traffic Flow

Traffic may be slower in the area. Remember to follow posted speed limits, and drive slower if necessary based on weather, traffic, or road conditions.


5. Put Your Phone Down—Don’t Snap and Drive

The views may be pretty as you drive through the Redlands agricultural area, but now is not the time to update your SnapChat or Instagram. Distracted driving is always a danger to yourself and others.


BONUS TIP: If eating the cinnamon rolls made by the famous Knaus family is part of your own family tradition, be patient as you drive down the two-lane roads in the area, and continue to be patient when you wait in line! It’s also ideal to visit on a weekday while everyone else is at work!


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