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Wild Fun at Rubenstein Law's Annual Family Picnic!

RLAW Annual Family Picnic

Rubenstein Law's Annual Family Picnic at Zoo Miami was a roaring success. In April, employees from all offices gathered with their families, immersing themselves in a day of laughter and adventure. The event was made even more special with the presence of Mickey Mouse and his safari crew, adding an extra dose of magic to the already captivating atmosphere.

The day unfolded with families exploring the zoo's diverse animal exhibits, encountering majestic creatures and learning about conservation efforts. Excitement filled the air as children posed for photos with the beloved characters. Delicious food, engaging activities, and friendly games brought families together, creating cherished memories. The Annual Family Picnic left everyone with beaming smiles, reinforcing the bonds within the Rubenstein Law community and highlighting the importance of celebrating life and togetherness amidst the wild wonders of Zoo Miami.