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$1.25M Verdict In Zero-Offer Case in Missouri for Roundup

$1.25M Verdict In Zero-Offer Case in Missouri for Roundup

A Missouri jury awarded $1.25 million to a man who claimed to have developed cancer after being exposed to Monsanto's weed killer Roundup. This marked the end of nine consecutive trial victories involving Monsanto's herbicide.

In a courthouse just miles from Monsanto's former US headquarters, the Missouri jury returned its first plaintiff verdict in a Roundup trial, and it was the first jury outside California to do so.

Monsanto, owned by Bayer, said it would appeal the verdict, emphasizing that it did not seek punitive damages.

After the trial, the plaintiff's attorney, told CVN that while $1.25 million is smaller than awards in other Roundup trials, it comes in the context of Monsanto not offering any settlement prior to and during trial.

The verdict was also significant because it was the first-time jurors heard arguments involving Roundup's carcinogens other than glyphosate, the chemical at the center of previous trials.

In addition to the live testimony of Monsanto witnesses, the attorney said the theme of "what's in the bottle" resonated with jurors.

Moreover, he attributed the verdict to the disparity between the health and safety warnings consumers receive when buying Roundup in retail locations versus more stringent warnings farmers, licensed applicators, and Monsanto's own Roundup plant employees receive.

Since home lawn and garden sales make up a small portion of Roundup sales, he found that decision especially difficult.

Bayer/Monsanto released a statement following the trial expressing their commitment to Roundup's safety and emphasizing their successful trial record.