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Camp Lejeune | Cancers Caused by Contaminated Water

Camp Lejeune | Cancers Caused by Contaminated Water | Call Our Experienced Injury Lawyers

U.S. Marines and their families drank toxic water for decades at Camp Lejeune. It had been treated with dry cleaning chemicals and contaminants from gun cleaners, causing severe health problems. They were lied to about the source of the bad taste and smell of the water.

Children were dying in large numbers and the cemetery was so close to the base that it was being nicknamed “baby heaven.”

Marines, their families, and civilians contracted deadly diseases linked to contaminants in the water in Camp Lejeune. TCE, PCE, vinyl chloride, benzene. Toxins remain in the body for years and at any point can develop into an ugly disease.

A horrible fact is that lawmakers have been covering up their crimes for years and the VA, Department of Defense, and lawmakers, altered North Carolina’s strict 10-year statute of repose so that Marines and their families could not sue the government.

Claims of tens of thousands of veterans were denied by the VA. They claimed that they would cover their medical bills.

Fight for justice with the Camp Lejeune Justice Act

Change is happening. OnderLaw invests in what they are doing by helping those hurt by corporations for years, and now working with the government on behalf.

A new law will allow Camp Lejeune veterans and families to get compensation for their health problems. The law was drafted with the help of a million-dollar investment and is on its way to becoming enacted.