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Home Quarantine Safety: Child Safety Outdoors

With children at home full-time due to school closures, parents and guardians now have to be fully attentive to the safety of their children.

When taking children for walks or bike rides, parents know that there are precautions one could take to prevent serious injuries. Rubenstein Law hopes you can spend quality time with your family while you keep them safe at home!

Read on to learn a few ways to ensure the utmost safety for your loved ones.

Outdoor Safety for Children

  • Do not leave children unsupervised outdoors. Always have a responsible adult present.
  • Remind children to keep six feet apart from others. "How much is six feet?" Tell them: at least the length of a door.
  • When riding bicycles, scooters or skateboards, always wear a helmet.
  • Make sure their helmet is secure. Here’s how to ensure proper helmet wear, plus a sizing guide.
  • When you hear thunder roar, go indoors to avoid lightning strikes.
  • Cross the street carefully by checking left-right-left.
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