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Jordan Kirby - Slip and Fall

Final Result: $500,000

Plaintiff slipped and fell in a restroom of a restaurant after using the facilities. A few facts made this case difficult, including (1) the fact that the Plaintiff had to walk through the same area on the way into the restroom that he ultimately slipped in; (2) the incident was unwitnessed with no markings on the clothing of the Plaintiff; and, (3) the Plaintiff could not testify that there was in fact liquid on the floor. Instead, he testified that the whole floor was damp because it was just mopped. He knew it was mopped because an employee apologized to him for not drying the floor. That was enough for the Court to allow the case to go to a jury. Just prior to going to trial, a resolution was obtained. Plaintiff underwent a cervical fusion procedure as a result of the incident. 

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