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Luis Figueroa and Carlos Gonzalez - Trucking

Initial Offer: $200,000 | Final Result: $825,000

A truck approaches a construction zone on a busy highway. As he begins to slow down, he realizes that the cars in front of him are quickly slowing down. He changes lanes and doesn't realize our client is in the lane. He pins her vehicle against a concrete barrier.

Client suffered injuries to her cervical and lumbar spine. The Defendants challenged that they were responsible for causing the accident and the resultant injuries.

Throughout the process, Attorneys Gonzalez and Figueroa have been in close contact with her, helping with the many issues which arise from an unfortunate accident like this, not all of which are health related. They were able to secure a $825,000 settlement.

Disclaimer: Before fees and costs. Prior results do do not guarantee future results.