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Marianne Bartko - Retail Negligence

Initial Offer: $425,000 | Final Result: $700,000 

A 73-year-old man was shopping at a hardware store for wire. An employee escorted him to the aisle and pulled down the 70lb spool from the top shelf of wire for the customer. When the employee put the spool back on the shelf, he set it on its side rather than the base. The spool rolled off the top shelf landing on our client’s head knocking him unconscious. He had injuries to his head, neck and back. He was diagnosed with a TBI.

*This result likely would’ve been more if we’d been able to take it to trial, but sadly our client was diagnosed with cancer soon after his accident and passed away before we could get him his day in court.

Disclaimer: Before fees and costs. Prior results do do not guarantee future results.