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R. Timothy Vannatta and Eric Shapiro - Trucking

Initial Offer: $50,000 | Final Result: $1.9 Million

While driving straight through an intersection under a green light our client was t-boned by a vehicle making a left turn into the intersection. The other driver refused to accept liability despite the fact that the client was severely injured and was required to undergo several surgical procedures and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. The at-fault party also disputed the extent of the client’s injuries. Firm attorney, R. Timothy Vannatta, tried the case in front of a Palm Beach County, Florida, jury, and the jury found the Defendant 100% at fault and awarded all of the economic damages requested by the Plaintiff. This was a tremendous outcome for the client who had suffered greatly as a result of the crash.

Disclaimer: Before fees and costs. Prior results do do not guarantee future results.