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R. Timothy Vannatta - Slip and Fall

Final Result: $300,000

Our client slipped and fell on wet sidewalk at a hotel. The Defendant disputed liability citing no other falls in the location, and the fact the Plaintiff had traversed the same area only minutes before. We countered that argument by with expert testimony that the construction of the sidewalk was below standard as it was pockmarked allowing water and contaminants to accumulate causing the sidewalk to be unreasonably slippery. Further, we showed that the paint used to paint the sidewalk did not have sufficient anti-slip additives causing the sidewalk to be slippery when wet.

The Defendant also disputed the cause of the Plaintiff's injuries as she had undergone treatment for years on the same areas of the body she injured in her fall including treatment within a few months prior to the date of the fall. We countered these arguments by making it clear that despite years of chiropractic treatment for neck and back issues the Plaintiff had never been recommended for injections and/or surgery until after her fall at the hotel.

Disclaimer: Before fees and costs. Prior results do do not guarantee future results.