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Orlando Lyft Accident Lawyers - Rubenstein Law

Orlando Lyft Accident Lawyers

Have you recently been injured in an Lyft accident while getting a ride somewhere? Have you sustained bodily injuries after your car was hit by an Lyft vehicle, and now have to deal with the driver's insurance company? If so, then you need to hire an Lyft accident lawyer to oversee your case. Whenever persons are injured in an accident due to the negligence of Lyft drivers or Lyft drivers, things can get messy. While Lyft insurance does exist, the ridesharing company typically defers all expenses to the driver's insurance coverage.

See below for an in-depth guide listing out the many benefits of hiring an Lyft accident lawyer, rather than going it alone.

You Don't Have to Deal with the Finger-Pointing

If you've suffered injuries while hiring ridesharing services to give you a lift, then you're left to wonder how you'll be compensated for things like your medical bills, loss of wages, long-term disability, and more. If you weren't at fault for the Lyft car accident, then you shouldn't be forced to cover the costs. You need to pursue the compensation that you're entitled to. The fact that you were involved in a ridesharing accident complicates things. 

Lyft's legal team is notoriously difficult to deal with. Their job is to pay as little as possible. To do that, they're quick to point out that, technically, their drivers are "independent contractors" and thus their car insurance providers should be the ones to give you compensation.

As you might expect, the driver's insurance provider will try to guide you the other way. Neither of these corporate entities is on your side. Hire a trusted rideshare accident attorney from a reputable law firm. That way, you'll have someone with experience that can help you navigate those waters.

They'll use their know-how to take over the communication side of your case, thus allowing you to avoid all the finger-pointing between the different parties involved.

An Experienced Lyft Injury Lawyer Will Help Value Your Compensation

Can you confidently say how much compensation that you’re entitled to? Have you factored in all the different expenses that you have incurred or will accrue as a result of a crash that wasn't your fault? It can be very difficult to calculate without the help of an experienced attorney. Hiring a trusted rideshare accident attorney can help shine some light on this part of the process. They'll help you through all the different factors of your case (including the injuries you've suffered). 

First, you should consider the medical fees and expenses you're forced to pay. People that don't hire lawyers often take the first settlement offer they're given, which won't even cover the full cost of your recovery and rehabilitation.

The second factor you should consider is any lost wages you've missed out on. As you've taken the necessary time to recover from your physical and mental injuries, you may have had to take time off from work that results in lost income for you and your family. The compensation you receive for the rideshare accident should cover the money you've lost by missing shifts at your job.

There might also be some long-term effects that have yet to pop up. An experienced lawyer can help you factor these in.

The Expert Lawyer can Help You Wait for the Proper Amount

We mentioned this already, but it bears worth repeating: insurance companies will do almost anything to get you to settle quickly for less money than you're entitled to. Even knowing that it can be tough to wait it out without someone to reassure you that you're making the right move. By hiring a rideshare accident attorney, you'll gain an understanding to why waiting for the proper settlement amount, no matter how long it takes, will usually result in higher compensation.

While it's ultimately your decision, a rideshare attorney can be your guiding light to wait it out and continue to build evidence for your case. In the meantime, you can invest in pre-settlement funding to cover things like medical bills, lost wages, etc. while you wait for the other party to settle.

Understanding the Insurance Process

As we mentioned before, the insurance process associated with a rideshare accident can be tough to navigate. The state of Florida recently added a bit more accountability with new requirements for Lyft's liability coverage. When Lyft drivers have a rideshare passenger in their car, they have to be covered by a $1 million liability coverage policy.

Also, when a driver is online on the Lyft or Lyft app but doesn't have a passenger, they're required to have up to $50,000 of coverage or $100,000 if multiple parties (such as other passengers) were injured. But more questions still arise from that. Was the driver insured or uninsured? Who do you need to file your claim with? Your rideshare accident attorney can provide answers to these questions.

More Peace of Mind

Make no mistake about it, this entire situation will be stressful. Everything from the actual car accident to waiting it out for a settlement will cause anxiety.  Fortunately, a rideshare accident lawyer can give you more peace of mind. They'll help you understand who will pay for your injuries, how to approach Lyft's legal team and other insurance companies, and so forth. The best part? We'll remove you from as much of the back and forth as possible. We'll give you step-by-step instructions and only provide you with information about your case when something significant occurs.

Hire an Lyft Accident Lawyer for Your Case Today

Now that you have seen all of the ways that an Lyft accident lawyer can help you as you seek compensation for your injuries, be sure to hire the right one for your situation. For more inquiries, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.