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3 Million Dollar Settlement for Negligent Security Case

$3 Million

After a day of working and hanging out with friends, our client “Ben” needed to make a quick run to the store. Ben made his way down the stairs of the apartment complex where a back door would lead him directly to the parking lot.The door was designed to open from the inside, but would remain locked from the parking lot. That day, however, intruders made their way inside, because the door was not only unlocked, but it had not been closing at all.

As Ben walked to the back door, the armed men confronted him. They shot him multiple times while he made an effort to escape. As a result, Ben sustained various injuries to internal organs.

The apartment complex faced liability charges for negligent security:

  • There was no security or guard on patrol.
  • The mechanical entrance gate was in disrepair, leaving the complex open to trespassers at all times.
  • The lighting in the parking lot was also minimal and insufficient.

Were any of these measures were in place, the shooting could have been prevented. Simple security measures would have discouraged the criminal activity that lead to our client’s injuries.

“It would have made the attack less likely to happen, if at all,” said attorney Chris Gaj.

Rubenstein Law proved this crime was foreseeable, especially since similar crimes had occurred on or near the property. This is something the complex owner should have known about and used the proper measures to protect their tenants and visitors.

Though the apartment complex made changes to security after the attack on our client, our firm proved how these were not in place at the time of our client’s assault. The broken door and gate became pivotal evidence in our case.

Criminal charges such as this may be coupled with a civil claim, due to the negligent security. This is because business and property owners are required by Florida law to provide a safe place for their residents, customers and guests. Although there isn’t a duty to protect tenants and guests from a crime committed by a third person, Florida law does extend the duty to protect against foreseeable criminal acts. These are measures taken by property owners that could reasonably deter criminal activity.

“It feels right and awesome as hell to obtain justice for our client,” said Chris after the case was resolved for $3 Million.

At Rubenstein Law, we understand how upsetting and even painful it can be to suffer a violent assault, especially one that could have been prevented by simple security measures. While money doesn’t make everything better, it can help with bills, lost wages and medical expenses incurred from an attack. Our negligent security lawyers are here to fight for you and your family 365 days a year 24/7. Call us now at 1-800-FL-LEGAL.