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Motociclista Responsable

Consejos Para Ser Un Motociclista Responsable

La forma en que se prepare antes de comenzar su recorrido marca la gran diferencia para que llegue a su destino de manera segura.
Older Adults’

Older Adults’ Guide to Prevent Falls

Falls become more and more common as one ages. While not all falls cause serious injuries, one fifth result in broken bones such as hip or head injuries. In fact, the most common cause of

12 Ways to Optimize Your Home for Older Adults

Keeping a safe home environment is key to prevent falls for older adults. It is essential to make a plan to decrease the risk of falling.

Common Products Causing Traumatic Brain Injury in Kids

New study reveals the everyday household items leading to brain injury in children and teens
TBI from Accidents & Injuries

CTE Research Benefits those with TBI from Accidents & Injuries

New specializations in CRT for brain injury survivors has led to diverse, multidiscipline in nature, and easy to administer techniques to aid the brain in essentially re-wiring damaged neurons.
Brain Injuries in Children

A Parent’s Guide to Brain Injuries in Children

New research shows that our children are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and the impact of a childhood traumatic brain injury can last a lifetime. According to the Centers for Disease Control,...