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Airline Loses Alzheimer’s Patient for Three Days

A family contacted the airlines and requested assistance for their father's upcoming trip. Sadly, their father suffered from Alzheimer's disease and would often wander off if not supervised. The day of the trip, the family entrusted their father t...

There’s More Than Chocolate in My Chocolate

Her M&Ms contained a hard metal object, which she claims injured her mouth, teeth, and gums. As a result of these injuries, the Texas woman sued the manufacturer of M&Ms, Mars, Inc., and Walmart Stores, Inc., the store that distributed the...

Contributory Negligence - The General Motors Ignition Problem

The surviving family members were all plagued with the same questions: how did this accident happen or what caused it? They were left without a clue until the investigators found that the Chevy's ignition was set to "Accessory" and not "Run". 

Lawsuit Brought Against Porsche by Widow

The lawsuit brought against Porsche by Roger W. Rodas' widow has of course captured a great deal of attention because it involves the death of a celebrity and an ultra-rare, ultra-exotic sports car. But the law involved in automobile defect claims...
Uber Map

Is Uber to Blame for a Little Girls Death?

Much like baking a cake, any successful lawsuit has necessary ingredients. One of the necessary ingredients is found if the family can answer "yes" to the following question: Is Uber responsible for the negligent actions of its user drivers? Uber,...

Florida Woman Survives I-95 Crash But Dies While Stranded Roadside

A Florida truck accident has claimed the life of Lauderhill woman. The 29-year-old died Tuesday morning while standing on the side of I-95, reporting her one-car crash to 911 dispatchers. The driver was northbound on I-95 near Brunswick when she h...