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Older Adults’

Older Adults’ Guide to Prevent Falls

Falls become more and more common as one ages. While not all falls cause serious injuries, one fifth result in broken bones such as hip or head injuries. In fact, the most common cause of

12 Ways to Optimize Your Home for Older Adults

Keeping a safe home environment is key to prevent falls for older adults. It is essential to make a plan to decrease the risk of falling.
Heat Summer

Rubenstein Law’s Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

Enjoy the weather and remember—the best times are had when precaution is taken!
Nursing Home

How to Select the Best Nursing Home for Your Loved One.

This informative blog from attorney Bonnie Navin provides guidance on how to select the best nursing home for your loved one. What to look out for once they are a resident and how to document signs of abuse or neglect should they appear.
Hip Replacement

Defective Hip Replacement Products Now Facing Federal Scrutiny

Injuries related to defective hip replacement products are climbing and now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is getting involved. In response to mounting concerns about the safety of metal-on-metal hip implants and a growing number of h...

Defective Hip & Knee Implants Causing a New Problem?

Florida is home to thousands of hip and knee replacement surgeries every year and some of the products used in those replacements have been recalled. Now, there is new evidence of the metal on the implants shedding tiny particles of metal as they ...