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Uber and Lyft Rider Safety Tips

Written by Heather McGriff, Personal Injury Attorney Uber and Lyft Safety Tips Uber and Lyft are growing increasingly popular due to the ease of arranging transportation from your phone. Although Uber and Lyft drivers go through a background check, it is important to be safe when entrusting your life to a stranger who drives for Uber or Lyft. Below are some quick tips when riding in an Uber or Lyft: 1. Wait inside until the driver arrives. Since you do not have to “hail a cab” from the curb, you should wait inside until the driver arrives, especially at night. Waiting inside for the driver provides an inherent safety feature. 2. Always verify the vehicle you are getting into is your intended ride. It is important to confirm the make and model of the car and verify the driver’s name before getting into the vehicle.

  • Instead of asking, “Is your name _____?” Ask the driver their name. This in conjunction with verifying the license plate is one of the easiest ways to confirm that the driver is who he/she says he/she is.

There have been many reported incidents where people get into the wrong vehicle, thinking it was their ride. Unfortunately, there have also been reported incidents where people pose as Uber/Lyft drivers in order to burglarize or harm the rider. Confirming the driver and vehicle are correct before entering the vehicle is the most important step to having a safe Uber/Lyft ride. 3. Never ride in the front seat. Riding in the back seat may seem like you are being chauffeured around town; however, it is the safest place to ride. Studies show that riding in the front seat of any transportation service leads to many more assaults and unwanted behavior, especially for women. 4. Keep transactions business-like. Of course, riders should always be polite to the driver. However, it is important that as a rider you are not too chatty. It is important to remember that the drivers are usually driving you to or from your home. You are exposing yourself to potential harm if you divulge too much personal information. For example, it is not safe to tell the driver that you live alone, or discuss the lack of security in your neighborhood. 5. If the driver is not driving safely, stop the ride. At any moment if you feel your safety is at risk, stop the ride. It is better to stop the ride and request another driver, then chance a harmful experience. 6. Always review your ride and driver. Both Uber and Lyft pay close attention to your ratings and comments. They have a strict review process based on your comments, and they are reviewed almost immediately. It is important to rate and comment on your experience in order to protect the safety of yourself and others. Call Rubenstein Law if you find yourself involved in an accident while driving or riding in an Uber/Lyft; or with an Uber/Lyft vehicle. We have been protecting the rights of the injured since 1988, and we want to help you in your time of legal need. We are here for you 24/7. Call us at 1-800-FL-LEGAL for a free case review.