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Injured in Florida

10 Important Tips if You’ve Been Injured in Florida

Should you hire a lawyer? Know what to do when you are injured in a car accident, slip and fall or other injuries. These 10 Tips will guide you toward making the best decision following an accident.
Older Adults’

Older Adults’ Guide to Prevent Falls

Falls become more and more common as one ages. While not all falls cause serious injuries, one fifth result in broken bones such as hip or head injuries. In fact, the most common cause of

12 Ways to Optimize Your Home for Older Adults

Keeping a safe home environment is key to prevent falls for older adults. It is essential to make a plan to decrease the risk of falling.

5 Bicycle Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Ride safely! You could never take too many precautions when heading out on a bicycle ride. Follow these five riding safety tips for kids and parents.
College Trip

Hot Tips for a Safe Holiday Road Trip

Freshman or Senior, everyone needs to know basic how-to’s of road trip safety. Before you hit the books for class, be sure to get a primer on driving safety procedures. This checklist will help you get ready to hit the road.