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Heat Summer

Rubenstein Law’s Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

Enjoy the weather and remember—the best times are had when precaution is taken!
Summer Safety

Summer Safety Tips 2019

Prevention is key to good times! Here are our top tips to have a fun, safe summer whether it's at the pool, beach, working out or working outdoors.
Miami Car

Car Accident in Miami? Here’s What You Need to Do

With high volume traffic areas and dense population, the chances of being in a vehicle crash in Miami-Dade County are high. Keep these tips in mind should you be in an accident.
Driving Florida

Is Driving in Florida Stressful? Maybe, But These Tips May Help

Some of these are easy enough to implement anywhere, including your cubicle at work. By including relaxation throughout your day, you could significantly reduce stress levels in your body, and improve mental health.
Road Rage

How to Deal with Road Rage in Florida

Though the month of April has been designated as Stress Awareness Month, if you’re a driver in Florida, stressful commutes are a year-round ordeal. Stress is not only bad for your physical health, but it causes road rage. Learn how to reduce road ...
Attorney John Eversole

Attorney John Eversole Presents Award to Colleague

John F. Eversole of Rubenstein Law, Chairman of the Florida Bar Aviation Law Certification Committee presented Stuart Goldstein with an award for his many outstanding years of service to the committee and The Florida Bar.