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TBI from Accidents & Injuries

CTE Research Benefits those with TBI from Accidents & Injuries

New specializations in CRT for brain injury survivors has led to diverse, multidiscipline in nature, and easy to administer techniques to aid the brain in essentially re-wiring damaged neurons.
Brain Injuries in Children

A Parent’s Guide to Brain Injuries in Children

New research shows that our children are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and the impact of a childhood traumatic brain injury can last a lifetime. According to the Centers for Disease Control,...
Christmas Cheer

Here Comes Rubenstein Law - With a Bag Filled With Christmas Cheer

Here comes...not Santa Claus, but the team at our West Palm Beach Office with a bag filled with toys for the girls and boys at Palm Beach Children's Hospital.
Niklaus Children's Hospital

St Nick’s Helpers in Miami ‘Spread Joy’ at Niklaus Children’s Hospital

Some of St Nick's helpers from the Miami Office send toys to Niklaus Children's Hospital.
Sugar 4 Kids Toy Drive

Rubenstein Law Partners with Sugar 4 Kids Toy Drive

Rubenstein Law returns another year to Sugar 4 Kids toy drive hosted by Peterson's Harley-Davidson of Miami. Sugar 4 Kids Foundation's goal this holiday is to raise funds to purchase 100 laptops, 500+ toys and bicycles, as well as 20 senior gradua...

Fort Lauderdale - Dental Clinic Failed to Properly Sterilize Equipment

Nova Southeastern University announced on November 27th - that one of its dental clinics did not properly sterilize equipment.